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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Nov 15, 2004 7:07 PM Flag

    price of Uranium is jumping to $25

    as contracts have apparenatly already been signed at this price. I can't tell you my source, but this looks to be the truth. I could care less if you buy this stock or not, so don't say I am a pumper.I only have 1000 shares. I will hold for $160.

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    • I believe the gentle dispute over the contract price is being revealed in the market.

    • bubba,

      In defense of the "original bug" maybe a contract was signed at $25, but it is highly unusual that Ux would not know about it. There are offers I understand from my sources, at $25, but no takers.I am in Cameco as you can imagine and have been in since March, 2000. Up +/- 650%. As for other stocks, I like UEX, and have bought URIX in the States. UEX for its potential and partner Cameco. URIX for its potential, and the fact that, of all of the "juniors", its in production now and has a tremendous reserve base already "discovered". Don't give me the New Mexico story. New Mexico has been the historically largest uranium producing state in the US, and will be again.
      The dancer.

    • Dancer,
      A thousand pardons for my typo... And I certainly wouldn't want to start a pissing match, since I feel that most of us here are on the same side. It's curious though? Why would the "original uranium bug" send out a message stating that the contract had been signed at 25 if that wasn't the case? Certainly, his reputation is worth more than that.
      I bought in earlier this year at 46 and I'm in no hurry to take profits yet. BTW...Do you have any favorites with regards to the long balls? Any thoughts on CVVLF?

    • moron_buba

      By the way, the spot price, and even todays long term price, is totally irrelevant to most of the juniors touted on this board. It is at least 20 years, if ever, that any of them will get into production. It has taken 23 years after Cigar was discovered to get where it is; similar for Midwest Lake. Most of these guys haven't discovered squat. Those that have, are offsetting ore holes 40 feet and then coming out with great press releases on their "new" discovery. 40 feet spacing does not an orebody make no matter what the grade of uranium.
      The dancer.

    • moron_bubba,
      Well, all I can say he is absolutely wrong on both counts. The spot stayed at $20.25 and the long term price at $23.50. There have been rumours of offers at $25 but no confirmed sales. This is not to say that the long term price will not get to $25, hell, it's going to at least $30 by the end of '05 but it ain't there yet. The spot will, as a course of nature, follow at about a dollar or two behind, as it has done for most of its history
      By the way, isn't that "herd"?
      The dancer.

    • There's a good reason for why you can't
      name your source, pal.......


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