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  • lindacsmithrn lindacsmithrn Sep 26, 2005 10:27 AM Flag

    target raised?

    I read a one-liner at Scwab's stock news website this a.m. which said 9:47-- " RBC raises Cameco target to C75 from C68"--Full printed story was " unavailable" .Does anyone know who RBC is or have any other information along this line ? Why is price heading down again? Appreciate input.

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    • Every time the price moves down, all the why this and why that questions start as usual. What sort of investors have to constantly ask why a stock is going down? The fundamentals haven't changed, and there's no bad news, so that leaves, normal buying and selling, like all stocks do. Why you bought your shares, what was your reason? When you sold you shares what was your reason? Lots of other people have reasons to sell just because they might need the money for something, like an emergency or a new car. Who knows?! The world just keeps going round and round, and the majority of transactions are in the sell mode at the moment, but as soon as everybody who thinks it's time to sell get over it, all the people who want to buy will take over. That's why. What stock has anyone seen that just goes up all the time? If not, then ask why not? That's just as good a question as yours?
      The major trend is up. The intermediate trend is up too. The short term trend is down. Pretty soon it'll be up again, and the long term trend will still be up. Forget about the short term, or you'll be in the loony bin if you don't understand it. If you need reasons for things, turn on CNBC. Then do the exact opposite from what they say, and you'll get rich. Now take two aspirin, get some rest, stop watching the price of CCJ, and come back in a few years to see if it's time to pick up your huge profits. Have a nice day. :)

    • RBC = Royal Bank of Canada

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