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  • nordancer nordancer Oct 6, 2005 7:41 PM Flag

    Uranium Stocks

    Every one of the gaggle of uranium stocks I follow were down today with the exception of three that were up pennies. The tide, for whatever reason, is going out on the commodities, and uranium in particular. It is similar to what happened back in February. Also, I think a lot of major investors are not enamoured with Cameco's continued foray into the nuclear power industry, and view it as a corporate distraction to Cameco's core uranium business. I tend to agree. I still feel strongly that Cameco remains a strong buy and hold, and also feel that this is a good time to increase one's investment in the company. Absolutely nothing has happened to radically change the supply/demand inbalance in the uranium sector that will continue for a good number of years.
    No hype here,just one man's opinion.
    The dancer.

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