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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Oct 8, 2005 5:35 PM Flag

    Uranium Stocks

    QWAK,cfdcpaa,I never LIE or BULL SHIT! If you click on my yahoo ID I have many things of intrist there, one is a group of pictures from NAM in 71 and 72 and my RADAR SIGHT and the equipment I used for "HUNTING PEOPLE".

    One night during the TEAT offencive of 72 things I though I could control got away from ME and when I got done there were a whole lot of DEAD PEOPLE which BOTHERED ME in the EXTREAM! A chopper went out next morning and came back with a BODY COUNT of 35 confermed kills!

    They gave me a 3 day pass to go to Sigon get drunk and layed and have a GOOD TIME but I could NOT! Insted I took off my uniform and REFUSED to put it back on, I wore cut off blue jeans Ho che mein sandles and a head bandana,I also carried a BOW and ARROWS as my prefered weapon.

    The officeres were PISSED but I did not care and THEY could NOT run the sight with out ME so we were stuck in sort of a Mexican stand off. I would run the sight every night BUT I would NOT KILL agen! I did direct artilery fire and even has patrolls sent out even had GUN SHIPS fire on targets ware I knew there were no people. I figuare I waisted at least a couple million dollars worth of amunition! :) If LERPS got in trouble I would cover their asses coming in but would drop the rounds SHORT not on top of the guys chacing them. With the doppler radar I could drop a round with in 3 meaters at 12 clicks out it was sort of like being an EXTREAM long range SNIPER only firing 105 rounds that could be high explocive,white phosphouris,or grape shot or BEHIVE rounds (which were like hundreds of 2" finishing NAILS with fins)

    I could NOT make my self work in high tech electronics after that night and refused to even have a computor untill I bought an I-OPENER net aplience in 99 so I could buy and sell stocks from here in my cabin.

    I invested in NPLI the manufacturer of the I-OPENER and discovered the company was a SCAM and RIP OFF of virtualy EVERY one and ultimitly filed a suit agenst them to STOP a stock buy out from the minority share holders at about $.65 a share when many had bought at a MUCH higher level!

    Vlady was/is a day traider who came to the NPLI/TPTI board to make some FAST BUCKS after the buy out failed and because I am IDEALISTIC and NOT a GREEDY person who HAD believed in that company I confronted HIM and BESTED him AGEN and AGEN ,that is WHY he is SOooooooooooooo PISSED OFF with ME!

    Any way wile I can now once agen take a computor apart and replace components but I have problems with seting up and programing my computor to do what I want it to do. I expect it is related to my DYSLEXIA but some things about operating it CONFUSE me GREATLY!

    Being dyslexic I learn DIFERENTLY and percieve diferently and I have had NO computor training, I have tought my self what I do know and like I said ---- I'm having some PROBLEMS with my NEW HP Pavillion A1020N geting pictures from my camera to UP LOAD. I am shure I will figure it out but have had other more important projects here at the DUCK NEST that I have been woeking on since last spring,some how pictures were not high on MY priority list.

    When I get it figured out I will post some fun pictures! :)

    the DUCK

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