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  • downtime55 downtime55 Oct 10, 2005 10:59 AM Flag

    Wish I had the money

    all you people have.

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    • QWAK, downtime55, BUY physical SILVER NOW and just put it away for awile, it is INCREDABLY CHEEP and UNDERPRICED and in a fiew years you WILL have MORE money than you ever DREAMED and you will not have to be WISHING!

      All FIAT currencies as in a slow motion CRASH and even as SOME stocks WILL go up in FIAT CURRENCY price, it will STILL be in a FALLING value currency, not to mention the GOV.will get TAXES and your other EXPENCES like BROKERS and people who do your taxes and accounting.

      JUST SAVE your money in the form of HARD CURRENCY, physical GOLD and SILVER and when the currencies and the stock markets DO crash HARD, YOU "WILL" have MORE MONEY than THEM!

      It will SUPRISE virtualy EVERY ONE! HONIST it WILL!

      the DUCK

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