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  • just4dummies just4dummies Oct 18, 2005 2:21 PM Flag

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    Hey duck... remember that one? If the morons really believe that you and I are the same person, why don't they check with Yahoo, and ask them if we're both the same person? I suppose that would take brains to come up with an idea like that, so that probably is out of the question. What ever happened to that clown who was gathering all his followers to have you thrown off the board, with a huge vote? Why on earth they would even consider that is a laugh in itself. Talk about name calling and unexceptable language, that's from reading their own posts.

    Okay duck, I'm not sure about that hydrogen stuff, but I thought it cost more to convert all the other energy alternatives because they need to use oil to heat up the molecules? I'm not a expert on that scientific stuff, but it looks like their shoveling S _ _ _ against the tide. Anyway, I just gotta be wrong about that, so I'm sure you'll straighten me out. Later dude.

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    • QWAK,just4dummies,You are right it takes a lot of energy of one sort or another to break the H2O molocule and free up the H2 for fuel and that has been a major limiting factor for making Hydrogen fuel cells pratical how ever the SUN is FREE and by using new "NANOTECHNOLOGY" it may soon be posable to create H2 efficently at home and store it for use to power your car,produce heat and electricity rather than buying it off the power grid.

      As the price of OIL, natural gas and URANIUM go up there is pressure to develop alternitive sources and H2 is the HOLLY GRAIL just like a little over 100 years ago FLYING was the holly grail! Today we take flying as an accepted norm and one day virtualy all our power will be H2 suplied. The powers that be don't like that idea so they try to supress it but "IT" IS coming and when it does all the other PRIMITIVE fuels will seem a back word as riding a HORSE is to flying is today.

      Most of the pieces for efficient H2 fuel cell technology are out there today and just need to be asembeled properly and BTW: PLATINUM and PALADUM are the KEY to making the system work and it only takes a small amount! :)

      You disapeared for a wile, HOPE you are WELL and were just on vacation!

      the DUCK

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