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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Oct 21, 2005 1:30 PM Flag

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    QWAK, h20polo66,The 1 in 4 to speculators has been all over the net by many sources for 6 or 8 mo. now and actualy is LOW as in some very HOT markets it is well OVER 50%! Hell they even have SEVERAL programs on cable TV just on FLIPING HOUSES, like day traiders were doing with stocks till the TECH and dot com bubble poped.

    As for CHEEP MONEY, that IS the problem and WARE that money is coming from! Economics IS WAR with out real BLOOD and GORE but make NO MISTAKE it IS WAR and ASIA is in ECONOMIC WAR with the USA and WINNING! The USA is ADDICTED to CHEEP MONEY fact is we must have 2.5 BILLION a day come in or the WHEELS come off the wagon. That is the equivlent of CHINA and Japan having an ECONOMIC NUTRON BOMB here in the USA and THEY can push the button just by stoping the CHEEP MONEY FLOW or restricting it! MONEY is and has always been both a TOOL and a WEAPON that can BUILD or DESTROY!

    FIAT money is an ILUSION created by GREEDY BANKERS and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS the ONLY real money has ALWAYS been GOLD and SILVER, in fact by constitutional LAW only GOLD and SILVER can be official USA MONEY! The US dollars you see or use every day are NOTES not MONEY, they are backed up by NOTHING but promises,they are "IOU"s payable ONLY in another IOU!

    Wile it is RARE to have a government go broke or roll over, the truth is the USA is SOoooooooo deep in DEBT it can NEVER pay, we went OVER 8 TRILLION just the other day and by the time Bush leaves it will be over 10.5 TRILLION!

    A lot of people are going to be BAG HOLDERS in STOCKS,BONDS REALISTATE, virtualy every thing valued in FIAT DOLLARS and other FIAT CURRENCIES! THAT is the BIG PICTURE!

    the DUCK

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