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  • nordancer nordancer Oct 29, 2005 9:41 PM Flag

    Mental Midgets

    One of these idiots, messaging with the other idiot, mentioned in post 11243 that "I can remember when we didn't get along to well on that OTHER BOARD" (emphasis added). Jesus, I wish I knew what the other board did to cause them to switch to this one. Oh well, I guess this is the only life they posts almost imeadiately after the other one. They must spend all day waiting for each other messages. On the other hand, there is, after all, the "ignore" button. QUICK QUACK.
    The dancer.

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    • QWAK,just4dummies,I am incliend to believe that WE are about to undergo a "GREAT AWAIKENING", unfortunately for most it will be like a drunk driver who falls asleep at the wheel and hits a brick wall! For the ones who DO survive they will likely be conciderably more open to diferent ideas and concepts that previously had been rejected as NOT the accepted NORM! :)

      Some how when it gets down to SURVIVAL, EGOS deflate and all that counts is "DOES it WORK or NOT" and can it HELP ME SURVIVE? LOL

      Watching as many OTHERS go UNDER has a way of removing that sence of FALSE SECURITY and impressing indiviguals with the GREATER REALITY that their ASS is in the WIND and a HAIL STORM is painfull for EVERY ONE out in it! ;)

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • Yeah, that ole ignore button has worked as well as promised, right. Funny how those who told me to "ignore them and they will go away", are now now the one's complaining.

      Well there's also a complaint button, ever try that? Ever ask others to come here and do the same? At least I did.

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      • There ya go fatty! The complaint button. I agree. Maybe I'll give it a try too. I for one, don't like to censor anyone, especially just because I don't like what they say, and have a perfect right to say it. I think there's something that says that in some obscure document that the liberals have been dumping all over, so they can control everything themselves. How come I just can't get it through my head that those libs KNOW BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE? Thanks for the great idea about that complaint tab! :)

    • nordancer, you must simply put all idiots on ignore. I have long suspected it is one person with about fifteen screen names.

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      • IDIOTS reign supreme... witness the pathetic posts that continuously declare the IGNORE tab is the answer, while the morons continue to IGNORE the IGNORE TAB, and read every syllable from the people they love to hate. If that isn't the liberal deseased mind, in spades, I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. I'm impressed with what we've been told are the experts and mental giants who can't get a hold on themselves. Hatefullness and greed, and just plain blind rage is really an uncontrollable emotion which does lead to hopeless and futile mental deterioration. May the good Lord help those poor souls, since they can't help themselves.

      • QWAK,falang760,I have GOOD NEWS for YOU! (no I did not change my car insurance to GIKO) ;)

        When the S**T does hit tha FAN as it shurely WILL and they come to take YOU away to the ASILEM because YOU totaly lose your MIND----- TUSDAYS are GREEN JELLO DAYS and on WEDNSDAYS you get EXTRA MEDICATION!

        They will also be adding a NEW WING on the ASILEM for ALL the other people JUST LIKE YOU so you will not feel ALL ALONE!

        the DUCK

    • What a miserable creature the dancer turned out to be in a big hurry. The poor soul is completely lost because his audience seem to have found new interests. So, now the guy decides to become one of the patsy morons, and sure enough is filling the bill like a read air head should. And the beat goes on! LOL!

    • QWAK,dancer,IF your mine were NOT so NARROW you would be able to SEE that what happens in this world does so in a WIDE SPECTRUM not JUST the NARROW one YOU are so INTENSLY focused on ----- NOTHING happens in a VACCUME and the KEY to the WHOLE process is the ACTUAL VALUE of the MONEY you keep count with, WHICH is FALLING much more than the PHONEY numbers put out by the government and the AIR HEAD talking heads on TV!

      The DOLLAR is going DOWN and YOU are OBLIVIOUS to just how IMPORTANT that fact is.

      When the WHEELS fall off the WAGON it will get UGLY and STAY UGLY for a LONG long time!

      the DUCK

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