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  • just4dummies just4dummies Dec 16, 2005 5:02 PM Flag

    Here's the techie point of view....

    .... since it's such a hot topic this week, and we have two distincly smug sorts making calls that are IMO, believe it or not, actually half right! However, the real techie... that would be myself, of course... sees it sleightly different than the pretenders that will probably get one of their thingies caught in the ringer, just long enough to make 'em caugh real hard and abandon their position... that is if they have one at all. IMO, the high is dead ahead, albeit, a few, but no all, of the internals are giving off signals that may appear like they're ready to correct. I say, NOT YET. I say, it goes grudgingly sideways just enough to suck in the amatures that really can't read very well, give them a little goose, and scare the hell out of them when the new high squeezes the suckers into covering their dumb asses. Then the little corrective scenario will unfold before the blowhards realize they've been had as usual. Of course there's going to be a correction! Even the morons can see THAT. But, they don't know how to handle it, other than with a lot of self adulation and backslapping (their own), along with a lot of huffing and puffing, that's supposed to scare the folks into giving them a hand by selling too early, and then they're going to find them gasping for air in the higher atmosphere, where their hot air balloons will be punctured and they end up caughing up their lungs while the real techies pick their pockets only because they are chumps and easy marks. That's the way the game is played guys, so try not to hurt yourself running for the exits. I refuse to help you when you need it, because you're too smart for your own good, and need to learn how to sit and stay on command like good little doggies. Now, get ready to lose your money, if indeed you have been dumb enough to back up the words that you shall eat, as sure as you obviously have done many times before. Now, how about allowing me a good little laugh on you both, especially poor webby, the cockroach, and the slob on the beach, whose going to catch one of those incoming waves and get dragged under with that cheap can of beer and that bag of chips that he's been cramming into that fat ugly overhanging belly. Maybe he'll be able to float around in the tide for a while, and get lucky when his pal with the rowboat shows up. Like two pigs in a leaking rowboat, they'll both go down together, while the rest of the gang just watches them disappear like all the others who just have to give us all a good chuckle every so often... LOL. Just hold, the trades are just not worth bothering with when the bull is on a rampage like CCJ. Buy the dips, and just keep on adding to your kick. Drive safely. The highway to fortunes can be very dangerous if you're not careful because it has lots of sharp curves and a few U-turns that can cause you to crash and burn. Be sure to read all the warning signs, so you'll arrive safely. :)

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