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  • webber221 webber221 Dec 27, 2005 2:41 PM Flag

    Dummy, taking a hit?

    What's up dummy? Looks like you've been losing dough the past couple of days. Didn't Webby warn you this pig is about to sink? Ahhh, you never listen to me. Don't worry, you'll be selling soon at my gain. Your hopes of 80 or 100 will never be reached because you have no sense of how overvalued this stock is. You are an amateur trying to play in Webber's Web. Well guess what, you're about to be stung bad. Can you smell the coffee? I hope so. If this stock tracks below 60 today, you are history. You will be selling sooner than you think...paying for Webby's yacht. Hope you bought the wifey a nice Christmas gift because she'll be getting nothing from you next year after I clean your clock.

    Keep your eye on your wallet,

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    • CCJ has not nose dived like you said it would.

      Gold prices are actually taking a new move up, which should be nice on CCJ's bottom line.

      Too bad your broker will be back in the office next week. Be ready for a call Webber.

      Don't forget Webber...Gold is traditionally strong in the first quarter. That's not even mentioning the raging bullishness in U308.

      Oh well Webber....Better luck next time.

      Have you thought about Tech mutual funds?????


    • You just don't get it, and you don't read and comprehend at all. I don't advertise and won't. I'd rather let the blowhards like you put your head on a platter and bellow as loud as you please. You're predictable and hollow. You play with only yourself. If you think you know me, then you're a very sad indeed. I play with the big boys, while you second guess the real money. You might as well send your emails to Dines, and tell him that you're better than he is too. He recognizes chumps, and hears their stupid crys every day. But, he's the one make dollars by the truck load, while dummies like webby make a few pennies sticking their neck out. I'm sure he'll move right over when he finds out about you, and how you've tried to straighten out all the folks here on the CCJ board. But, I think you better just let go of that little toy you keep yanking in front of people. It's going to get you in trouble. Still going to 30 huh? I, along with the rest of the board am sure you'll make a fortune. BTW, have you any idea of what my position happens to be? I'm sure you don't, because I, like everyone else on the board,don't tell anyone. That's your fantasy, not mine, or anybody else's. You poor slob, you're completely alone and hanging yourslef out there to be nothing but a jackass. That's the BEST you can hope to accomplish.

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