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  • val_u_seeker val_u_seeker Mar 24, 2006 3:23 PM Flag

    Dines Reentry Point/

    CCJ is up over five percent since Dines said to sell it.

    What is Dine's reentry point?

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    • sorry for the wrong accusation. Thanks for the definition

    • I wish all you Diner whiners would quit all this boring sniveling and just go crawl in a hole.You think yourselves as some elite group.Yes you truely are, "DINER WHINERS."Yes dines is smart,he seen the coming U shortage,I will give him that.Oh yea, and he's got all you snivellers money.Man anyone with a computer and a bit of know how,and a few good sites can come up with a list of whiners,I mean winners by simple deduction.Based on just the amount of uranium,what grade the company is holding and where.Whether or not a company is a explorer or a they own 100% or are they JVed ect.The only truth here is,you pay for your dd and then constantly whine about it!Hell you would think good uranium companies are top secret or something.

    • Dines is obviously brilliant, but he's not infallible. Isn't it amazing that he predicted very high gold prices in the late 60's when no one else could foresee it! Too bad he didn't get his aubscribers out near the top of 850, but rather at 300!
      And isn't it amazing that he predicted very high uranium prices at the turn of this millennium, when no one else saw it!
      But not all of his picks will be blockbuster winners.
      CCJ is already a blockbuster winner, but there may be much greater returns now in junior companies...but its not guarranteed.
      Everyone should have his/her own risk tolerance program.
      I am very happy with my gains due to his leadership, although the IWB's cause very dramatic moves in small companies and make it hard to buy in early; this also happened with the Gilder Report in the tech boom.
      Good luck to all and have a nice weekend.

    • > I just refuse to give mooches like you
      > information that I pay for!

      I made no accusations about you.

      And as for me being a "mooch"

      Page 7, section 9 - apparently only fish that is broiled or baked protects against certain ailments...

    • > It dosen,t sound like the Dines letter is doing
      > you much good if you still have to come to this
      > forum and then spread lies to feel like you
      > haven't wasted your money on his advice !

      Are you talking about me?

      I've not said a word about this stock about whether Dines stated it should be sold or acquired. I said only that I'm suprised how many people lie about what Dines has said, and that if you want to know about what he's said, you'd better buy his newsletter.

      But I find it shocking that so many people just lie through their teeth. I guess it's just not in my nature to be intentionally and so throughly dishonest.

    • BUT it was not a sell! You people are penny pinching morons that don't deserve to make any money here!BUY his newsletter and you can be informed. BTW, how do you know for sure it was even on his buy list at all? MAYBE it wasn't!

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