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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Jan 14, 2007 1:28 PM Flag

    I am not reliable, but my guess is Cigar


    Maybe I didn't make myself clear with you a few months ago. I will try to be more clear today. I made over 200k on Cameco stock. I bought it and enjoyed two splits while it roared upwards. I love what it did for me. However, you have no clue as to the magnitude of this particluar flood ing at Cigar Lake. Maybe it will open someday, but I am telling you this is serious as a heart attack.

    Hey how about my Trojans? As usual East Coast bias rated Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State higher than they should have been. I parlayed LSU, Florida and SC and made a bundle in Vegas. It was the easiest parlay in history.

    Best Regards and I hope you make dough this year

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    • I realize you had great success with Cameco in the past - of course you did, you're a Dinesian. His call on uraniums is one of the greatest financial foresights of all time in my opinion... But if you still believe in the uranium bull market, Cameco remains a name you want to own here.

      >>"However, you have no clue as to the magnitude of this particluar flood ing at Cigar Lake... Maybe it will open someday..."<<

      And where does your 'expert analysis' of the extent of the flood come from? You're insane to even suggest that Cigar Lake might be abandoned... IT IS THE SECOND HIGHEST GRADE DEPOSIT IN THE WORLD - ITS MATERIAL IS WORTH MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS - IT WILL BE MINED.

      Big Ten teams often play zone against the more athletic conferences/quarterbacks (indeed, moronically so). OSU should have played man against Florida - put more men in the box, jammed the receivers, and made Leak beat them by throwing deep over the top. Michigan should have tried the same against USC, but even so I don't think it would have mattered. They had no pass rush and Booty and Jarret were therefore just too lethal together (I warned my buddies going in about Jarret). I, like most other people, thought Michigan's defense was much better than it really was. Truth be told, they were overmatched by USC - big time. However, while I think Notre Dame was the most overrated team in the country, it is a pure travesty that OSU still finished #2.... If I were a Boise State (or even LSU) fan, I'd be beyond furious about that...

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