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  • henleywm henleywm May 10, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Nuclear power plants are the future

    Despite the unenlightened posts that pop up here from time to time, the world is moving forward with nuclear energy. It is the future. 60 nuclear powerplants are under construction worldwide and 150 more are in the planning stages. While the plants are expensive to build they easily pay for themselves over time as uranium is inexpensive. By the year 2100 I would suggest that the world's electricity will be supplied 80% nuclear and 20% natural gas. Coal and oil will be historical footnotes. MIT scientists are making excellent progress on molten salt reactors which will run on the waste of traditional light water reactors. This is the beginning of the end of nuclear waste disposal problems. Technology will prevail. Enlightened investors are driving up the price of CCJ despite the recent dismal earnings report. Get on board now.

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    • Henley...I fully agree with your thoughts. Oil is definitely on the way out and the cost of scrubbers for existing coal powered plants is pushing the costs beyond the cheap levels we have had up to today. I've done startups on seven (7) nukes in the past and likely will do another one or two before retiring. My first nuke was Plant Farley Unit 2 in 1979 and the last was Watts Bar Unit 1 ending in 1995.

      I just finished up a four (4) year assignment at a major new enrichment facility that buys their UF6 feed from Cameco. That facility is still expanding and and will require an increasing supply of feed. CCJ is headed higher and IMO could easily double in two years. Newer technology like you said is on the way and it is nuclear.

      There is a small penny stock out there that could play well into the waste disposal cycle. I like it also, but not buying more now as I'm a little too top heavy in it already. Likely a risky play, but with great potential. I'll share info if you are interested.

      CCJ is going to be a great play. If you want a safe play, I would recommend Southern Company (SO) that pays a decent dividend. It recently went ex-dividend and is down a little. Look for anything under $45 to start building a position. GLTA

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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