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  • peter.peter428 peter.peter428 Oct 8, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    japan to phase out nuclear in the coming years,nuclear couldbe obsolete in 10 years, solar and wind . and ocean wave safe energy of world


    the future of safe energy supply wil be solar ,wind and ocean wave energy

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    • Japan doesn't have landmass like Southern California's Mojave desert, or China's Gobi desert to install solar panels or wind turbines. In Japan, the ocean fogs covered the entire nation from morning to noon, not the best environment to install solar. If Japan wanted to phase out nuclear in the coming years, Why Mitsubishi Heavy Industries bought 5% of CCJ????.

    • I'm a fan of solar energy and for scientific advancements in that area. Neanmoins, solar can only handle a tiny fraction of global energy needs. For Japan, may be a factor, but cannot solve the problems with current technology. Some solar expansion will be possible and is good, in my opinion.

      Wind has proven to be worse than useless, costing lives of countless magnificent birds (which also help stabilizes other aspects of our ecology, including insects), and causes depression and anxiety to those in huge geographical surrounding areas. Destabilizes other energy processes and some govs have had to PAY to shut down wind for this and other reasons. Some individual cases of exotic technologies may become worthwhile in the future.

      Ocean wave tech? Take the place of nuclear power? In next decade? Really?

      ALL ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES COMBINED could only handle a tiny fraction of the energy needs of Japan...and at this point...also most world energy needs.

      Japan will go bankrupt without nuclear energy, so Abe is taking a wise and practical long as he INSISTS ON SAFETY.

      The problem has been that APPROPRIATE SAFETY MEASURES WERE NOT TAKEN. Tsunami event was also an anomaly.

      The advancement of science may one day take us beyond fossil fuels and nuclear and I support all such science.
      Newer generations of reactors deplete more radioactivity and all kinds of advances are occurring.

      I do not support foolishness on the part of any government regarding application of science if it is either unproven or not feasible in a given case.

      Nuclear: proven and IS SAFE WHEN USED PROPERLY.

      Your time on this message board is up.


      Peace Energy Agape ~

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