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  • ridgeway_nut ridgeway_nut Jul 17, 2009 12:49 PM Flag

    Can you hear the flushing sound?

    listen bert,
    YOU and Frank are changing their tune. Read their most recent posts. It couldn't be more obvious. My gut says YOU fades away (he will resurface as a pumper under another alias) and Frank will become a buyer and continue his DD but his posts will have a positive spin from this point on.

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    • See? What powerful insight! He deserves to be on this board. I want to hear more about the worm.

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      • oh ya?

        I'll be back by the end of the month, Bert.

        28 cents... what a joke. As soon as that D deal is done, you either start pumping or you get another job.

        Anyone else agree that this is Bert's last stand? I'll be watching very closely for a PR next week. Don't be surprised to see a 12 cent increase in one day.

        "I see fields of green..."

    • I've seen Frank on other boards (MTSXY) and it is always the same - facts presented, scrutiny with a slightly negative bias, then a bit more, etc. However, in the case of ERFW, I think he is right, as he has also been on MTSXY. BUT, you'd be foolish to think anything he saya is unbiased; it is exactly opposite and I suspect he has a monetary consideration to present info in this repeating manner.

      My main problem with ERF is that in this business envoirment, they could not show a profit, short of stealing the $100 plates from US Treasury. Buy an amount you can loose all of, then check back in 24 months...

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