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  • mottthepupil mottthepupil Jul 17, 2009 3:09 PM Flag

    Can you hear the flushing sound?

    I've seen Frank on other boards (MTSXY) and it is always the same - facts presented, scrutiny with a slightly negative bias, then a bit more, etc. However, in the case of ERFW, I think he is right, as he has also been on MTSXY. BUT, you'd be foolish to think anything he saya is unbiased; it is exactly opposite and I suspect he has a monetary consideration to present info in this repeating manner.

    My main problem with ERF is that in this business envoirment, they could not show a profit, short of stealing the $100 plates from US Treasury. Buy an amount you can loose all of, then check back in 24 months...

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    • everyone agrees, ridge, bert and possibly frank are being paid. they are too consistent and bert is too much of a liar. They will either change their tunes or disappear when their job is done.

      MOTT...24 months the PPS will def be a a good way. I say check back in two to three weeks and we will all be much happier. Then it only gets better as time goes on. IMHO

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