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  • fritzthecat777 fritzthecat777 Jul 15, 1999 12:36 PM Flag

    Great news? I'll say!

    GSPN is on its way. Thanks CSCO/INTC and (LU too)!

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    • Interesting Stats.
      Can you restate in # of lines sold by vendor?
      Would you have estimate on annual TAM for DSL (CO/DLC side)?
      Would you have any ranking for Infineon and their Geminax chipset?
      I believe they have a share of both Siemens and Alcatel on DSLAM and combined Voice and Data platforms coming soon.


    • In the conf call, Gspn stated (I thought) greater than 50% cpe mkt share.

      Unless TI is doing dslam, mathematically TI cannot be #1.

    • Interesting information. Out of curiosity,
      where were you able to find TI DSL revenue
      information? I've never been able to find
      it broken out. GSPN and CTLM are relatively
      easy to find as DSL is pretty much all they do.

      It's also interesting to note that Westell was
      GSPN's first customer for ADSL way back in
      1992. Of course, that was before it had become
      GlobeSpan -- it was still a part of AT&T Paradyne.
      They were building CAP-based units for Bell
      Atlantic's Video on Demand trial. I guess TI
      made them an offer they couldn't refuse. 8^)

    • Initial reccomendations should come monday,we
      will have a good week. It seems with all the news
      about the sector timing couldn't have been better.
      Anybody look at PDYN today, I bought some after the IPO,
      I know it was rediculously expensive but like I
      said when I bought GSPN I didn't want to let it get
      away from me and run up so far I couldn't justify the
      price. I hope it works out as well. Everybody have a
      good weekend!

    • Ready to explode !!!!!

    • see, but I am not exactly sure I understand what
      they do. Semiconductors?? DSL chips?? Can someone
      explain what exactly it is that GSPN does--in english

      Thanks very much and good luck

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      • Not to burst any bubbles or anything, but the
        Intel announcement states that they'll be using the new
        ITU standards for G.Lite in their chipsets (see:\xDSL\3938.asp). Thus the announcement should have no impact on
        Globespan since they don't have a standards compliant

        Also, has anybody noticed that on the Globespan website
        ( under "products" they do not list ADSL? I find
        that a bit strange. Also, I found this quote in one of
        their press-releases: "GlobeSpan has over 100 customers
        representing more than 80% of the Digital Subscriber Line
        (DSL) market. Based on 1997 results, GlobeSpan is the
        world�s largest supplier of DSL modem chipsets." I think
        the operative scentence in that quote is the last
        one! Whose the number one supplier in 1999?

        hope this company is not all smoke and mirrors!!

      • company. They design and sell chips, but they
        don't own the fab. They're not a semiconductor company
        in the sense that they're linked to the
        semiconductor (memory etc.) industry. They're linked to the DSL
        market. Hope this helps.