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  • peanuts_getcha_peanuts_here peanuts_getcha_peanuts_here Aug 6, 2014 10:10 PM Flag

    Bleeding until BUYOUT

    The share price continues to bleed red as it becomes more and more clear just what kind of position this firm is in... do or die... buyout or bust. 2 years left as share price grinds lowers. Any news other than a buyout is not worth reading. Any news other than a buyout is just FLUFF. Nobody is going to care about pipe dream production projections without serious players willing to take it to that next level. Production which, by the way, won't occur until YEARS of red tape is overcome. Therefore, SILVER PRICE, or ZINC PRICE means SQUAT... PEA means SQUAT... indicated / inferred means SQUAT.

    You know what means something... CASH, cold hard CASH on the books or better yet, from a major that wants to buy future production. At this point, a buyout is all there is for which shareholders can HOPE.

    2 years of cash left, and well more than 2 years of red tape and preparation until production is even feasible. Buyout is the only option. And because of this position that SVBL is in, it will most likely be a buy UNDER.

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    • jham2000 Aug 11, 2014 2:07 PM Flag

      95% of these junior or exploration companies are just that....exploration companies. You write as if you have some negative news to report? Exploration companies find and report surveys containing results, major miners make investments in the best ones available. Just report your facts, you are a short sale candidate and this company sucs etc....we read you load and clear.

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      • peanuts_getcha_peanuts_here peanuts_getcha_peanuts_here Aug 12, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

        What I write only seems to be negative because it is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth. I have no knowledge of negative or positive news in the pipeline. Nor am I short. You are very wrong on all accounts of your interpretation of my post. Reread it; slowly this time.

        The fact is that current management will not develop this property to be a producer. They are only packaging this property as a lot to be sold to the highest bidder... that is what the stock market is, sir. So, although spot markets will change the value of ounces in the ground, it does not necessarily change the value of shares in hand. Therefore, any reports disclosing more information of ounces in the ground are less and less important as the cash account dwindles to pay the management and fees... THAT is what you, as a shareholder, need to be concerned with. Just how long does current management have until they use up all the cash? What is the company worth then? Peanuts!

        As a matter of fact, I am a long time shareholder / trader. Heck, I can remember emailing with Merlin about warrants. I skipped on those and bought shares, sold them, bought back in, and sold those too. Now, I have a few blocks in the mix, and rolling the dice that Barry can get this sold so I can make some more change for my pockets. The only thing I care about for Silver Bull is that it gets sold to a major producer for a price that exceeds my average. The longer that the sale is delayed, the less of a chance I have of making money on this "investment"

        Everyone that is a shareholder should be with me, not taking my post as a negative. Mr. Barry needs to sell sell sell. ABC, Tim... Always Be Closing (not "cashing in")

    • There is always a positive behind any negative

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • There are apparently several buyers that have singed papers. There has been stories for ages of the price of Silver going up. Now there are stories of Zinc going up. SVBL has millions of ounces of Silver and billions of pounds of Zinc. Stories on SVBL say it will take time to get it into production. We've been seeing MILLIONS of shares of SVBL being traded in the last couple of months. Albeit with damned little PPS change. I think the futures of Silver and Zinc are good, why would a prospective buyer want to wait till the "future" is here, then buy it, and then wait for yet another year or two of building before being able to reap profits? I think a foreword thinking "buyer" would want to get going on build out before the Silver and Zinc markets make their storied gains.

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