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  • felicia_accountant felicia_accountant Jan 29, 2008 3:20 PM Flag

    What is driving this stock down?

    Does anyone have any idea? I would have thought with healthcare being an important issue with the 2008 election, that a stock such as ATHN would get a boost given that it is part of cost cutting. Any thoughts?

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    • Stryeyes, I think you are right, it is a good company and they seem to have found a niche, but Avid is correct in pointing out that management are inexperienced.

      Your cut and paste shows that starting Athena was basically park's first job. Same for pretty much the whole management team. Sure they worked at consultancies and roamed the halls of Fortune 500 companies. As staff consultants. They were probably fetching coffee for the partners. They have never had to answer to shareholders. Even the BOD is littered with venture and health care guys, with very few having experience on the board of public companies).

      And does anyone else see the irony that a company being run by the cousin of the President of our country is sending thousands of jobs to India?

      I think the company will figure this all out. They will be fine in the long run. They just will hit a few bumps along the way.

    • This stock is simply over priced. Current management is not experienced to run a public company. This stock will continue to fall and will collaspe afer the blackout period when mucho shares are sold by the VC's and insiders. Very very candidate for a buyout by one of the bigger boys! IMO.

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