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  • rookie.stock rookie.stock Nov 3, 2012 9:44 AM Flag

    ATHN shares on sale

    The only way to make money on a stock is to buy low and sell high or to short when you know it will drop from an higher price. Right now ATHN is a bargain for anyone looking to go long. Look at the charts, the price is as lowest it ever will be. This week ATHN was on steroids, scared the living crap out of bears!! The short squeeze caused this stock to drop back down, this is a good thing!! That means all the shorts are being squeezed out. Once all the shorts have been squeezed out, the bulls will out number the bears and a bidding war will start and highest payer takes the spoils. This will drive the price higher and higher, this is a just like an auction the more buyers there are the higher the price will end up being. I am glad ATHN dropped this much!!! This is a dirty deal! You ever walked into a store and saw something for sale that was $90 but now is half off. Would you buy it for $90 or would you be tempted by the sale? I know i am a sale hunter, i look for bargains, why pay full?? If you are like me and want to buy a stock that you can make money on then you need to buy cheap, so you can sell it higher and make a profit. If you want to just put your money in blindly thinking that any stock will make money then please don't even play the stock market game, you will lose!

    This is an extremely oversold stock, meaning there were way to many sellers and not enough buyers witch drove the stock price down. Which is normal and good for us. Normal in the sense that every stock has a cycle that it must go through, a buying and selling cycle. I believe the buying cycle has just begun and anyone can make money if they were to buy ATHN shares right now!

    I would not be surprised if this opened up 5-8% higher on monday!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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