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  • rookie.stock rookie.stock Nov 5, 2012 9:13 AM Flag

    Regarding Rookie.Stock's Emotionally Unsound Perspective On the Issue of Strong Buy for This Stock

    Dear Chad_Work2001

    This is a zero sum game, i wish you best of luck; i really do!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Where is George and the rest of the bull gang? Out of a 100 stock trades, i am right about 96% of the time (according to last 3 years of trading) and ATHN is no exception. The risk was calculated, the entry and profit target as well. I realize that fundamental #$%# #$%$ is important to most traders but i am a technical trader and i use a special software, you won't be able to find any where on the net!

      Nothing beats a strong technician. you can look at fundamentals all day long, read the companies SEC filling and waste as much time you'd like. Nothing will beat my software. I will out trade any fundamental trader, don't have a hoot how good any of you are. It may take you hours to research a company but it only takes less then a minute to do so. It's not for nothing that i won stock contests several times, as i mentioned before. Am I bragging? Sure! and, why shouldn't I?

      Technicals all lined up and were screaming buy, did the stock go up right away? No, unfortunately this one took a little longer. But having entered on Oct. 25th at $60.50 and having exited 3 days later at $64.75 is not a bad trade, that is of course considering making 7% in 3 days. Then having re-entered Nov. 16th at the close of day at $60.50 and sold today at $71.00. Which is a 17% gain in only 13 days!

      From the bottom of my heart I hope you haven't lost all your money or too much money on ATHN but this whole trading thing is zero sum game and for every winner there is a loser. In other words, THANK YOU FOR YOUR MONEY.

      p.s i do have to give you credit, fundamental crap #$%$ you wrote before was really good. From a technical stand point wouldn't it be smart to add to your position now?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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