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  • socratesdranktheconium socratesdranktheconium Jan 9, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    ZACKS adds ATHN to strong sell group


    ""Institutions are not like kids with etrade accounts in one way only. They face reality at the end if each year because they have to answer to their investors. Which is not to say that they are dissimilar to children at the beginning of the year. But now is when they will look at the $40 collapse and look at the future prospects as against their other investments and they will sell their Athena gains (they rode it up and still account for more stock than is in the float) to shelter their losses.

    They have one more month to do that.

    If I am right this stock will plummet below $40 by end if year. If I am wrong it will drop below $40 at some other proximal point in the future. Either way this stock will never ever again see $75 unless something happens that dramatically changes its fundamentals."

    The above is you talking from your Nov 26 post. Before you post anymore garbage take responsibility and admit you are A PAID BASHER. You are so......pathetic. Jack#$$

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