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  • socratesdranktheconium socratesdranktheconium Jan 24, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    P/E now 179!!!!!

    OMG!!!! What should I do G-orgy? Should I jump off of the highest bridge? Or should I buy Apple with a P/E of 10? Since you're such a know-it-all I will do whatever you tell me. Jack#@%% You and your aliases will never learn.

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    • Why are you bursting blood vessels over someone elses opinion? You need help man! Agree or disagree just please be mature about it.'re off the deep end man! Hope you do well with your position and hope we all do well with our positions but you need something to help calm down. This is why I despise coming to these boards except once in a while to see if anything changed for the better instead of personal attacks when someone takes the opposite position in a trade. Do your homework, Tade your position, make your money and enjoy. No ONE on this board moves the markets and anyone who can, like Buffet or Cramer dont post here. Better to back up your posts with researh you've done and improve the boards than sling baseless foolery. I am here to make money. Up, Down, or Sideways. Not here to make friends or attack people but if they have something of value then I take that as a piece of my puzzle after I research it. Otherwise posts like this are a cacophony to me. Be well - uf

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