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  • participant42 participant42 Nov 20, 2008 11:27 AM Flag

    bid/ask pricing problems

    Can any non-Scottraders out there give one give me feedback on what their streaming quotes is showing for bid/ask. Both yesterday and so far today, Scottrade is showing bid 5, ask 7, even though, both yesterday and today, it is trading at .36, while still showing the 5/7?


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    • plcsf is still showing up at scroll down to see the level 2 montage on plcsf quote page there,u will see that the order book is thin and perhap's why it jump's up,part of the manipulation imo. joe the plummer type investor would put there buy in at the low bid of let's say .035 and the white collar investor w/connection's buy's at .036 when someone sell's imo. and then when the white collar investor order get's filled the bid jumps noing it won't trade and then the process is repeated thus what look's like selling is actually buying and u don't have to a sec filer type investor to pull this off,the name of the game here is knock plc down from over a dollar w/short's when plc was all so excited and then like about now wait for heavier accumaltion on the upside w/heavier volume.........imo. there could be trading opprtunity's in the .25 to .30 range selling opportunity and then a pull back just under .20 and eventually plc to .50 and same type of selling and trading opportunity but imo. eventually plc above $1.00 on some type of news,like a partner in the USA for renal guard or a merger w/novadaq or perhap's a buyout by Edward's and imo. Edward's would not of owned and kept holding there 5.3 million shares if they had no future plan's

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      • Scom, Edwards would never have dumped PLC's TMR business if it had any interest in or intent of merging with or purchasing PLC. You've mentioned that prospect so many times, but it is, with all do respect, completely absurd!
        As for why Edwards retained its 5M PLC shares, what the hell else was it to do, could it have done, with them? They could have hoped that some buyer for the entire lot might eventually come along for them, but they could never have hoped to dump them on the open market without plunging the price to almost nothing from its then much higher perch. Now, of course, they are just holding a virtually worthless bag of shares---so they really have no choice than just to wait.

    • Just happened again. 10k traded at .36, while showing a b/a of .05/.07; then, immediately after the trade, was showing .035/.04; and then a minute later back to .05/.07. Screwy.

    • Bank of America is showing a bid of .01 and the ask at 1.01. It has been this way for at least two days. Bizarre to say the least.

    • I show .036 bid and a .037 ask on my Scottrade account.

    • Hey Justin,
      I am at Etrade and it shows the normal bid and ask. By the way, good questions again on the CC.
      Let's hope for a better 2009.

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      • Thanks all for responses. My Scottrade is now jumping back and forth between the .36/.37 immediately after some purchase (at those prices), and then to b/a of the .05/.07, even though the next trade will be at that .36/.37 level.
        Thanks Nyles re CC comments. Do you agree that Tauscher sounds optimistic about effectiveness of RG, and about the spontaneous inquiries in Italy about other applications of it? Is he blowing smoke, or does he really believe in its future?