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  • scomasea scomasea May 28, 2009 7:43 PM Flag

    w/plc saying renal guard has the potential of $500 in rev's

    and w/novadaq ceo saying He thought spy could enhance plc tmr I wonder what Edward's would offer in a buy-out ? that's why imo. if it occured Edward's would buy plc w/it's shaare's instead of cash...........imo. .50 is coming soon but it may or may not be trade able,look for plc .50 in June the latest imo. tuff decision though to sell or hold,seem's one should at least hold on to some of plc at .50 but I can't say what Iwould do..............50 sounds tempting but thinking above $1.00 is also on it's way and buy out by edwards way above $1.00 percentage wise,thinking more like $5.00 not in cash but edwards shares in exchange for plc thing for sure glad i bought at .04 to lower my average cost to .23

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