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  • scomasea scomasea May 29, 2009 6:46 AM Flag

    w/plc saying renal guard has the potential of $500 in rev's

    why did edward's sell there right's to novadaq to market plc USA business ? why does novadaq ceo think spyimaging will enhance tmr procedure ? why does edward's still own 5.3 million share's of plc ? i believe in plc enough from this stand point and my average price of .23 that plc is easily going over a $1.00 in 6 months or so...........surprize on the upside this time but not for me...........the only question to me is how i want to trade plc now,right now i think .50 is to cheap for the near term future but maybe not for a trade

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    • "why did edward's sell there right's to novadaq to market plc USA business ? "

      Because they were not making any money and knew they never would. It was a diversion from there core competencies.

      "why does novadaq ceo think spyimaging will enhance tmr procedure ?"

      Because he will say anything to keep his struggling business afloat. Like saying he could market TMR, when they can barely market there own product.

      "why does edward's still own 5.3 million share's of plc ?"

      Why not? It's a drop in the bucket for a company the size of EW. Who would buy them if they wanted to sell???

      Now I have some questions for you Scom.

      Why would Edwards buy back in to a business they already divested from.?

      Why would Edwards enter a Renal market that they had no experience in and was a complete departure from there core cardiovascular focus.?

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      • Hill, good points, indeed. Couldn't have said them better myself.
        However, as for Novadaq, I think you can be more acknowledging that Novadaq *did* (and probably *does*) think that TMR would be helpful for some patients, and that in tandem with Spy, patients and surgeons might find it useful, beneficial, and reasonable, and economic treatment possibility. I don't think you need to inpugn the integrity of Nova's CEO or to question the reality and possibilities of their plans and hopes.
        Nevertheless, the market for TMR remains limited, there's competition for a company that *concentrates* on it and its further development and applications, and, as PLC notes, the recession and financial difficulties means for most hospitals a limit, if not a diminishment, of their interest or purchase of new lasers, etc.
        Also, Hill, as you know, I have more hope in PLC's turnaround and have appreciation for how they've conducted their Renal Guard development, and think there *is* potential for continued stock price appreciation (rebound), etc., than do you.
        Other than those points, excellent response to Scom's unfortunate repetitive fantasies about what TMR can achieve for PLC (which is not to say that there are not areas in intl. sales as well as domestic market that might allow for varying, occasional quarterly increases of TMR revenues).

      • edward's sold the right's to novadaq for a nice price and it is only for a period of time but not sure who would have the right's to market tmr after novadaq time expires,it's less than 4 years i think...........ever think edward's,plc,novadaq wanted tmr and spy combined,i mean even build a tmr laser w/spy attached...........edward's is in the cath business and in the heart biz,renal guard is both..................unedited