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  • scomasea scomasea Nov 10, 2009 8:59 AM Flag

    plc 3rd qrt. report silver lining

    plc 3rd. qrt. silver lining ? well look's like no renal guard sold and perhap's brazil,spain,italy,pakistan,bangladesh will order renal guard in plc 2009 4th qrt. and kit and laser sale's up and other distributor's added in the 4th qrt. and perhap's a business partner to further renal guard in sales and fda trial's..........imo. everything will turn up for plc sooner or later in these reguards but til then will plc trade lower or higher is the question til then but in the long run plc much higher in stock price imo.

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    • i agree,not to say there is not money to be made again if u buy plc at .15 .10 or .04 but plc needs money rolling in or there will be stock deletion via. bond's loans ect. unless another company flip's the bill..........that's why i would rather mi-out if i can't buy in at a lower price

    • I see us to continue the trend of drifting lower until something substaintial develops. As an investor, the only unknown is when that happens... .20? .15? .05?

      Its clear that management has no desire to help out us longs with being more forthcoming with information. These guys always seemed oblivious to stock price management.

      While I agree with Scoma that "everything will turn up for plc sooner or later" and then we go a lot higher, it looks like they gave no reason to be buying the stock now.

      Unfortunately, that means there will be a long slow bleed for the longs and many will fold into the unyeilding, downward pressure as the price comes down to their entry points, turning more into unwilling sells, and so on and so on...

      Yep, the next several months are going to suck to be us.

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      • "These guys always seemed oblivious to stock price management."

        I think they are oblivious to management in general. I always walk away wondering if these guys really have a plan. Earlier this year the plan was to complete the study, get financing, and seek expanded CE labeling (assuming positive study results), and restart the FDA trial. So what has been accomplished. Apparently they feel 3 million is enough to support current operations as well as support a product launch even though TMR revenues are dying quickly. I guess they don't feel supporting a worldwide product launch will result in a significant cash burn increase. It almost seems that they intend to just sit back and hope the business comes to them before the money runs out. I just doesn't add up. The street simply isn't going to buy into this story. I just don't see any reason for this stock to go up.

      • I disagree, Pluckey (see my earlier post).
        As per that post, having announcements during the rest of '09 and throughout '10 of new RG distributors around the world should at least sustain the present share price, if not increase it.
        As for management not sharing info with us, I think during the last few quarters they've clearly laid out their intentions, expectations, as well as hopes. No management is going to issue PRs about and during their process of exploration of how best to raise funds, find partners, etc., except, perhaps, to say that they are open to and interested in finding partners. They've made that fact clear both during CCs and in recent PRs.
        Today they said that they have funds for the coming year, but will need to raise funds to pursue USA trials, etc., and that they are pursuing a variety of avenues.
        We'll hear when they've consummated something: whether it's finding a partner, arranging a loan, or having to issue more shares (at least they've only 30M outstanding presently.
        So, to reiterate a point I made in my previous post, when management uses the word "expect" during a CC, it's pretty strong language; and since, hitherto, there's been no evidence of management dishonesty or purposeful overreaching or hyperbole, we should be "expecting" continued announcements of new worldwide distributors over the next 3, and the next 15 months.
        That's a good enough reason to hold this stock, for the price to hold if not increase.
        As for Scomosea, let me offer other posters just a little history going back many years: when Scomosea holds shares, he's a shameless and unrealistic promotor: seeing returns to high sales numbers, to high share prices just around the corner. But when he's not holding shares (and is looking for a new entry price), he's a relentless basher, promoting the hopelessness of the situation, the inevitable collapse of the company and of the share price.
        Well, he's without shares again--so continue to look for his doomsday posts.

      • i did not like how they did not want to talk about how they would raise additional funds to continue renal guard fda trial's while in the past they they was still vaque but even more so today,i mean w/out a partner putting up cash how will plc not borrow or dilute shareholder value ? i take my chance i misout on plc or buy at much lower price

    • after thinking about it imo. plc is going surprize news on conference call and $3.3 million in cash imo. collective thought........plc will trade lower............who know's if i am right but .15 .10 or even .04 on the ask again would not surprize me unless plc gets a partner soon for renal guard or a buyout imo. i would not bet alot at this time

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      • Scom, I disagree.
        While, of course, holder X or holder Y can always sell, irrespective of the fundamentals, I think there is no basis for a stock price lower than today's--and indeed there would be justification for prices in the .50s.
        In today's CC, it was stated that announcements of new RG distributors are *expected* during the rest of '09, and "throughout" '2010. "Expected" is a strong word when it comes to management statements generally.
        Also, reiterated today, is that with $3.3M in cash, funding is seen as adequate for the coming year. (Of course, new funding for completion of USA trials will be required, and we'll see what form that might eventually take [partnerships, loans, offerings, placements, etc.]).
        Also, management feels that it's probable that TMR kit sales have bottomed out, with customer inventories having been lowered over the last year. And some potential increases are seen in the international TMR arena (admittedly little of consequence is anticipated--but just a couple of laser sales would make a difference).
        Additionally, the Milan study is seen as finishing up late this year. And the non-PLC-sponsored study is contemplated as being completed by end of 2010.
        With today's bottomline eps report in line with reasonable expectations for the quarter, there's no reason for today's CC to justify any significant selling--indeed, if anything, the opposite.
        And, as for your comment about prices retreating back to old lows, I'd say no way. Remember, those prices followed delisting from AMex, at a time when there were no clinical study results affirming the efficacy of RG, and absolutely no distributors for RG.
        Much has changed. Significantly so.
        So, with no present debt, $3.3M in the bank, only 30m shares, recent RG supportive study data, more of same expected in the coming months, a new distributor being announced today, with several more from around the world being "expected" in the next 2 months of '09, and throughout '10 (as well as probably bottoming of domestic TMR kit sales for the near future as well as the prospect of higher laser *international* sales [given some increased interest in TMR+ biologics]), this stock, at .22 is fairly priced to say the least, and could well be in the .50s, justifiably so, at this very time.
        Again, we can't control for holder X or Y deciding to sell, but fundamentally there is reason to hold, if not buy, and to be optimistic of continued positive news over the coming year.