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  • scomasea scomasea Mar 26, 2012 8:32 PM Flag

    firm that loan plc the money

    i see know one here could discount this as a possibility that could happen and with plc just hiring two financial advisors it could be even a greater possibility it could happen.................

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    • Think about it for a minute. Today their 40,000,000 stock alone is worth over $12M. Add their in-the-money options at + .18 each: is worth over $7M. These 2 assets today are valued over $20M, for a $16M gain. Plus they have other in-the-money assets. So why would they want to damage their $16M+ gain??? If anything, they should want a higher stock price. That would make more sense to me.

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      • that is something else to consider but they can watch plc goes bankrupt and have a bigger gain than that by having renal guard all to themselves and if plc did not go bankrupt then they can just exercise there stock rights,plc needs a partner for the fda trials for some breathing room imo. and like i said before plc could be $5.00 or zero in less than year imo. w/out more money or better yet a partner to pay for the fda trial's but they will want a big chunk of plc shares and since plc is a yukon based company my understanding virtually gives them a printing press to issue infinite amount of shares

      • is this ur 1st message on yahoo financial message board because i don't see u posted anywhere here besides this one post and i can check the others here old posts but not urs

      • plus u never gain the profit w/out selling the shares 1st ...................this is a speculative strong buy stock and at this time i wanted my profit and perhaps speculate w/plc at a far lesser price percentage wise and in my case if plc goes up to .60 i can make that in a far less speculative stock...................i can't blame anyone if they hold buy or sell...................what do think Cramer would do if he knew about this stock and wanted to speculate,i think he would not buy any pink sheet stock in his charitable fund nor recommend it to a personal friend.....................i more than like buy back plc at a far lesser price percentage wise at this time i am not a holder or buyer but sold at .25 and .30