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  • scomasea scomasea May 13, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    something i don't understand about plc

    plc saids the potential of renal guard rev's is $500 million a year,yet there loan agreement that they borrow is upto $7.5 million which $5 million has been lent to plc thus far and plc need's more money now with having just north of $2 million in cash and imo. next quarter earning will be a lost barring the ceo walks on water and carry's a profit lol. plc will need more money and then the lender now will have a controlling interest in plc shares if they choose to exercise there debt into shares which then they would own over 60% of plc shares,what ! they will own 60% plus of plc shares for $7.5 million dollars and with plc saying renal guard conservatively estimated renal guard would have $500 million in rev's once fda passes and is accepted...................who are these people who loan plc the money ? did not someone from plc board excuse themselves with this loan agreement ? something imo. does not add up........................ponder this thought in thinking,plc really needs to put the names of the people who loaned them the money

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