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  • rwidness rwidness Apr 4, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Enthusiastic about this equipment/treatment

    Until 4 years ago I worked in a large hospital dialysis unit. I have seen patients come onto dialysis with CIN. When I talked with patients who had had the dye tests and lost kidney function, I wondered what could be done to reduce the risk of the side effect. This seems to be a procedure that any large hospital ought to be interested in trying out through clinical trial procedures, especially in light of the positive results shown in prior trials.

    I called the company yesterday to find out more about the price they anticipate for this equipment, but so far no response. Anyone know what the business plan says?

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    • Don't want to start a new topic for it, and it sort of fits: The registration study began Jan 2012 and according to the projected end of data collection is May 2013. The company confirmed in Nov 2012. I think the May 2013 is an oversimplification because of the complex design, but there ought to be something to say in public by Fall.

    • renal guard console somewhere between $150k $200k,think it's $165k and $500 per kit for each company's imo. is a no brainer for the insurance company's to pay the $500 per procedure