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  • scodeb99 scodeb99 Oct 9, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    5 cents

    So we sit here about to go below five cents with no end to the selling in sight. With the tens of millions of shares sold since April and no SEC filings by any large holder selling shares how could this be anything other than a rampant naked short attack? What other explanation could there be for where these shares keep coming from?
    I believe it was participant, or if not him then someone else,who said they never should have started the phase 3 without having lined up all the funds. Now they issue shares with anti dilution repricing provisions that give our financers an incentive in the form of free additional shares when a financing is done lower. I have no idea if they are behind the selling, but they certainly seem to benefit from the stock dropping.
    The company needs to look into what is going on and find out who is behind this destruction.

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    • I don't know if this says good or bad things about management, but there seems to have been some mission drift in the registration study. They seem to be going for longer procedures with more units of contrast medium than originally anticipated. This makes the trial more expensive to run, but also decreases the sample size that is likely to be needed, offering months-shorter time to market. With the apparent original concept, they MAY have had enough financing in place.