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  • zam_zam_mah zam_zam_mah Mar 21, 2014 12:10 AM Flag



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    • You pump it..... then you dump it.............they tell me that is how it works. Do you really believe anyone on a message board as small as this one could move this stock. They can but down is the direction it would go. There are probably 10 to 15 people on this board. Everyone here I believe is long or they would be long gone. We are talking about a $.037 stock. whether you believe in their technology or not is up to you.

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      • Nicely response, Don. It's funny how the occasional bonehead shows up on this obscure message board, with only a few straggling investors (I'm speaking for myself) holding on. Personally I'd like to see things resolved with this company before too much longer. Either the ship goes down and rests forever in the deep of the ocean or it actually begins making headway toward a rewarding destination. I have the feeling it will be neither of the above. Instead this will drag on for months before finally some kind of selling off of the company's assets or a reorganization in which PLC Systems is taken private. In either case the shareholders are sure to get the scraps if even that.