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  • ohio36mm ohio36mm Apr 7, 2005 7:18 PM Flag

    We should sell the company

    If Concord Com CCRD got $330m cash plus assumption of $20m of Debt for $350m enterprise value.

    They have somewhere around 16-18m of annualized cash flow from operations

    Sprt is annualized at that level discounting some of last quarters results for better A/R being lower.

    I realize valuation in this sector not just on cash flow - but------ wow nice premiums out there

    CCRD has double our revenue.

    Someone would pay us very well for the technology -''

    Lets hope the board and large shareholders are looking at this

    Good luck

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    • most usa companies are worthless the whole stock market is in full retreat more than 50% of usa companies are more than 50% down in share price value in the first 3 months of this year alone the only companies worth getting into are small inventive companies like wlsf , bacon and there is quite a bit of risk there just look at sprt year high of over $12 trading now below $5 with 5 buy ratings and i think this company is good but has lost over 25% in 3months and and nearly60% in less than 12 months i should have keeped out of this mess for a few years when i would be able to buy shares in companies like sprt for cents rather than $ as for someone buying this company why bother at the moment when they will be able to buy it at less than cash time your interest rates have rose another 2% and oil is at $100 a barrell and every long invester is getting out of stocks or shorting them almost to the ground and companies like msft will be able to buy sprt,novl,sebl at one go for peanuts.

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