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  • whynot327 whynot327 Jul 13, 2005 3:19 PM Flag

    I will sell

    when the next analyst upgrades the stock. They're not going to pull the same crap again. I don't care how much higher it goes, the next upgrade I am out.

    These bastards have the habit of accumulating at the lows and then upgrading at higher level and then dumping.

    No doubt there will be an upgrade son, won't be surprised if it's the same a$$hole FACT. They were loading up like there is no tomorrow

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    • History doesn't always repeat itself, and that strategy doesn't take a lot of factors into consideration. Kinda like betting a pony by its number.

      Why in the world would you dump the best-of-breed on an upgrade from an analyst? Hope you reconsider, but it's your money.

      Today wasn't an accident and several really great scenarios could play out between now and December. After all, you've waited this long.

      JMO & GLTY


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      • Ever heard of a stop loss order?

        When the next upgrade happens, sell half of your holdings, but enter a stop/loss on the other half and protect yourself. Then if you're wrong and the stock appreciates handsomely you'll have risked nothing other than an effective limit move over a weekend on half of your holdings.

        Take the emotion out of your investing strategies. They are never helpful.

      • Lakewoodjack,

        Thanks for your advice. When this stock was over $6 several analysts were upgrading, reiterating buy/outperform. For the past 6 months it has been stuck in the rut not going anywhere. Not one a$$hole anal-yst could find one positive sentence to express about SPRT. Today's move was a technical breakout(perception that MOTV woes helping SPRT). But as good as today was, I had bought shares at $5.8, $5.6 and all the way down to sub $5 level. It has taken so long just to get back to this level.

        I know history does not necessarily have to repeat. But, when analysts upgrade it's usually because they have been accumulating all along and would like to dump their supply on idiots like myself. If we were in October, I would not sell at all, but we still don't know exactly how this quarter closed. Furthermore, Sept QTR is traditionally soft because of Europe.

        All I am saying is I will be keeping an eye on who is upgrading and WATCH FOR WHAT THEY DO, AND NOT WHAT THEY SAY.

        I may reconsider depending on the quarter results.

        Thanks & good luck

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