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  • ltvalueguy2 ltvalueguy2 Jul 21, 2005 12:08 PM Flag

    Crazy to sell here IMO

    Someone must have had to sell - margin probs, etc. This is screaming buy here - bought 10k more today

    Good luck

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    • Again, 2nd Opinion is just another opinion.

      VRSN 13-Jun-05 $32.95-2ND Opinion rated Avoid
      VRSN 21-Jul-05 $24.47- 2nd Opinion Upgraded to Neutral
      Right on the money.

      FFIV They missed that surprise by a mile.

    • what did it say about SPRT at $4.5?

      Out of the 3 you listed, FFIV, VRSN and YHOO which one is AVOID and which one is OUTPERFORMING?

      No need to answer. YAHOO

      Conclusion: Market Edge is worthless

    • I�ll pass on making emotional stock transactions.
      Market Edge 2nd Opinion is not about a long-term analyst recommendation written in stone. To me those opinions are a dime a dozen and frequently unreliable. It�s about the trend, what�s happening, not why. It simply compliments other research and recommends when to buy, sell, hold or go short. (Timeliness) The recommendation may change weekly. It�s short term and only for those that monitor watch list stocks just as often.

      See where these go.

      MOTV DOWNGRADED Opinion AVOID Opinion Date 07/18/05 Opinion Price 7.81 S

      Avoid the stock. If you are long, close position or monitor stock closely.

      Opinion LONG Opinion Date 07/18/05 Opinion Price 49.94
      Stock is a Strong Buy.

      Opinion NEUTRAL FROM AVOID Opinion Date 07/11/05 Opinion Price 30.02

      Stock shows Mildly Improving Conditions. If you are short this stock, hold position. Do not initiate new short sale. Stock is Not a Buy Candidate.

      Opinion AVOID Opinion Date 07/05/05 Opinion Price 34.44

      Caution; Stock is moving against Opinion. Stock is Not a Short Sale Candidate. If you are long, close position or monitor stock closely.

    • Whynot - I agree with your theory on the technical analysis - Time to buy is when all hate it

      Only diff - I think SPRT will outperform MOTV through end of year.

      Logic - I believe we will see an "upside" catalyst at SPRT CC and earnings release - Stock has been waiting for this. This will be the positive momentum that many have been waiting for.

      As to MOTV - I see no good news coming out of their CC and Earnings release - In fact - if they havent closed the big deal they spoke about - I see further downside. Will then be in the 2-3 Qtr dumper as SPRT once was. In the long run MOTV will come back but will take some time

      Good luck

    • SPRT does not have a devoted analyst/broker to defend the stock like MOTV is getting from JP Morgan.

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