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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Jun 26, 2010 11:39 PM Flag


    goofball'12',...who has a whole manangerie of phoney Identities, a ship of fools they pretty much say the same shti EVERYDAY, most of them are Alan,'chrttwelve' & most of the rest are 'alternate Alan handles' if neccessary he will post up to as many as 300 POSTS in a weekend in a desperate attempt at communication the loon has been TOS'd about 30 times in the last year, he shares freely his psychosis of personality disorders, of course his puppets never want to discuss the sheer lunacy of his mental illness, he really needs help.

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      I'm going to go ahead and claim victory 14 months in advance 3-Dec-07 03:50 pm

      It's so obvious that Pfizer will make it to my $31 goal within 14 months that I'm going to declare victory ahead of time - declare myself a huge winner, a master options strategist, genius, etc. Any of you readers here that don't like to procrastinate, feel free to congratulate me now and to eat, drink and make merry.


    • Cool, I've watched you here for years. Haven't said much cuz there wasn't much good to say. BUT, having seen you talk to your self far too much lately, and seeing that Junk Yard Dog syndrome appearing in your posts, I must say Howdee, and boy, do things look better now. Go SPRT (I hope...). I am almost back to black, and feel like I have made a mint even though...good luck and you can feel better that there is someone listening out here.


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