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  • punbr punbr Sep 26, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    One of the most manipulated stocks in the market. After getting the press to help knock it down, now it is artificially pushed up.

    At some point they will crash it again, benefitting from the move lower as they do. Market pulls back and most stocks follow. Not CRR, they support it to capture option money every month.

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    • It is truly amazing how on each MB at which we look, some loser always post "THE STOCK ISBEING MANIPULATED etc etc"
      All the sortof post means is the poster either never has owned the stock or shorted the stock or didn't have enough gonads to buy on the day of earning rlease.
      The other reason could ALSO BE there IS actual manipulati9on because the owners of the company learn that the poster DOES OWN SHARES AND SOLD THEM TOO EARLY and so they hold back earnings fro a previous quarter and then put them in the report for the new quarter because THEY SIMPLY HATE THE POSTER and want to see him whine and weep and go off the end of the dock with a big boulder tied around his feet.

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