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  • aadamiani Mar 20, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    What's up with HXM?

    I can't find any real negative info. I almost pull the trigger to buy at 10 this morning, is that luck or what. Thks guys.

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    • I know...seems to be an inordinate and crazy drop...I'm buying as it seems illiquid selling based on BofA downgrade and (more importantly) the GS downgrade to sell, so we have broken all unprecedented lows in the last 10 years...yet would u think that these guys would change their view on a 37% drop from the HIGH ten trading days ago at 14.19 on 3/6 to hit 8.90 today at 8.90 --- OMG, the company is no different than 2 weeks ago...we just have a stampede out on a "not-so-liquid" stock...I'm anticipating a move back to 12-ish in 3 months...I held calls Dec 2011 to Jan 2012 on a run from about 11 to 21 --- I'm not expecting the same returns, but am buying the stock very recently...I'll look at the calls when we've hit bottom...otherwise I'm going long in pure stock...these sales are panic sales...when we get the upgrade based on price action we will have $3-5 gains, imho. Other opinions welcome, please.