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  • tanertavlan tanertavlan Aug 5, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    it seems to go up $ 2.30 range and seat on it.. today or tom..deff.

    will see

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    • look up cup and handle formation IN INVESTOPEDIA... Google it.

      You will be a very happy camper. Sit back and watch the dollars fly. We are finishing up a perfect model handle right now... its supposed to settle down in price... should run hard after the mild sell off... if you can call a 12 percent up day a sell off. See CANDLESTICK charts for ten days or so... look at graph, look up cup and handle. VERY BULLISH

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I am betting we don't see much of the two dollar range as we bounce right back to 3 or 4 dollars. Housing is back and this was the laggard of the sector. It should finally take on some big gains. Money will flow to the EM funds. This could see a lot of institutional buying.

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      • yeah... Fidelity and the Bank of New York are already heavily invested. 5 and 9 percent. as shorts cover... this will rocket past the 2.40 resistance into the 4.00 dollar range. mm hm. of course nothing is a given... but based on stats and history and institutions involved... and it does not hurt that broken up... this company is still worth $ 7.00 SEVEN dollars a share. Look it up. That's why the big boys are hanging in there... nothing to really lose till around eight bucks. Once again... I give it a buy... not a strong buy... just because of the direction of this company chart for some time and the bad last quarter... but looking at the housing rebound business and that they are projected forward to make handsome profits.

        Sentiment: Buy