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  • hopewillhelpyou hopewillhelpyou May 2, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    Insider buying Needed

    The CEO contends that company Officers have never sold shares....but in 2014 no Buys and I believe while it might be too close to earnings right now but possibly after the CEO should step up and show some support by making an Insider buy. Any thoughts?

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    • ALAN SHORTALL WANTS MORE SHARES however as he stated publicly, his lawyers have advised against the purchase as it will be constituted as INSIDER TRADING. He is NOT ALLOWED to purchase at the present time. Silly thread. I assume this goes for the rest of the higher level management as well.

      If there are CONTRACTS in advanced negotiations it is illegal to make the purchase.

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      • Silly thread? First of all you are posting on a silly thread of which the writer clearly stated it is too close to Material information being released. Why are some of you people on here so quick to attack another poster on this board. Seems the short holders are very sensitive and nervous, very good sign for shareholders like me. I have seen this all before a million times over as the price bottoms you guys get very objective to anything positive suggested or posted, but as soon as this thing starts to move up you all will JUMP off and this will BE AT 4.00 in HEARTBEAT. And toobig's mention of #$%$ Lawyers warning of any buys is just another sign that this IS cheap and he wishes he could add right NOW. Short term this will move up into earnings, good news at the call and this will be pushing 4's again. If I was short I would be selling before the call because there are subtle hints all over the place that the next few QTR's will show great improvement and when it turns short holders will not want to be sleeping at the wheel. GL

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      • Under ASX rules, there are windows (periods of time) of opportunity for Company Officials to buy shares and there times when they can't - within so many days of major release of financial results. Half and full year financial reports. Google it and find out if you like.

    • What if he doesn't have the spare money. Is he hocked to the eye balls already?. So the CEO buys $500,000 of shares - what 160K shares, what do you think that is going to do - frighten the shorts. Half a MM$ against $70-80MM worth of shares.

    • Always good to see insider buys. While Alan may not have made a purchase lately, it should be noted that, to date, he has stepped up to the plate to the tune of $4-4.5 million dollars, making him the second or third largest shareholder in the company.

    • Yes, the year isn't even half over. Alan could have another buy coming this year. Maybe that is why he isn't pumping the stock. lol

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