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  • hithere5551 hithere5551 Nov 18, 2011 12:12 PM Flag

    VLCO On-going negotiations with Netflix!

    Vellardita Interview: Possible VLCO expansion to Bollywood
    AND Pacific Rim via Rathods!
    On-going negotiations with Netflix!

    From ihub

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    • And no sooner do I say that then someone drops shares at .02 . Not many, about 20,000 shares but they made the mistake of using a market order.

      <It sure looks to me that you may get a quick sharp drop into the low .02 as everyone is expecting good news>

    • The other board has been guessing that the 10-K comes out on 12/28 but they haven't been right about one thing so who really knows.

      I found the bid/ask quotes on the opening today very laughable.
      Market makers trying to lure in the gullible.

      I don't recall the stock being sub .03 for quite awhile. It sure looks to me that you may get a quick sharp drop into the low .02 as everyone is expecting good news and I don't think the company has made much progress on collecting royalties or recognized much revenue despite what their PR's claim.


    • Yes. Thank you for the reply Tigerpac. Do have gains on other stocks. Traded some this year and did well. If I was going to buy vlco back later wondering if it will go down to .02 after 31 days. With the 10-k coming out it could be a disappointment or heaven knows maybe there is some good news.

    • The closest that Valcom is ever going to get to Netflix is from this 1981 movie Heartbeeps starring Andy Kaufman.

      "While relegated to a factory repair shelf, ValCom 17485 (Andy Kaufman), a robot valet, and hostess robot AquaCom 89045 (Bernadette Peters) experience a connection that blossoms into love".

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      • I was not too impressed with the "interview". Maybe some of it was lost in translation (I used Google translate for my reading of it). The questions seemed very vague and broad based, and the responses paralleled the questions.

        As to the Netflix thing: Careful with the "ongoing negotiations" wording. The translated question and answer was:

        Frage 3
        Redaktion vTfT: Are there any news concerning a cooperation with Netflix?

        Vince Vallardita: We continue to approach Netflix with new content and hope to concrete a deal

        I read this as "we approached them and they said no, so we tried again with new content, and it's still a no"

        I don't perceive that as "ongoing negotiations".

        Still holding my position. Still have my exit point set. Have not developed any additional entry points at this time.

    • This is the full interview (in German) although Q & A have been translated into English.

      If that link does not work, I'll copy and paste Q & A below:

      Frage 1
      Redaktion vTfT:On May 27th, 2011 there was the PR „Valcom sees Potential Dividend Burried in Library Treasure“ from Valcom. What is the present status in terms of dividend payment to the shareholders?

      Vince Vallardita:The Company continues to research what royalties will be uncovered.

      Frage 2
      Redaktion vTfT: What are the goals for 2012, in particular at MYFAMILY.TV and is a merger still the goal aimed at?

      Vince Vallardita: To expand distribution into additional major markets that would allow us to increase the over all advertising rates and therefore, bring in more revenue. We are continually building up more equity to see to traditional and new media conglomerates (like Google).

      Frage 3
      Redaktion vTfT: Are there any news concerning a cooperation with Netflix?

      Vince Vallardita: We continue to approach Netflix with new content and hope to concrete a deal.

      Frage 4
      Redaktion vTfT: At the end of the year there are the results of 10 K. Can you already betray to our community how good the figures will be? After 9 months there was an interim result of 0,12 earnings per share. This is indicative of an excellent year’s result.

      Vince Vallardita: No we cannot give out any information pertaining to the release of the numbers that will be filed on our 10K as this would be considered insider trading.

      Freage 5
      Redaktion vTfT: Valcom is growing and growing, however, the share market has found a modest level. Vince,How do you see the fair value of Valcom if you consider that reaches almost 40 million people. The company owns more than 5 Mio $in Net assets.The value of Library 128 Mio $, 25 Mo $ in assets, the company owns 143 films, 10 television series and more than 5.000 music titles in the library???

      Vince Vallardita: it takes a while for the company to mature into what it has the potential of becoming.

      Freage 6
      Redaktion vTfT: What is the present status in terms of segment change (Nasdaq)?

      Vince Vallardita: The share price has to increase before this can take place.

      Frage 7
      Redaktion vTfT: Vince, where will Valcom be in one year??

      Vince Vallardita: Hopefully bigger and better and with a much stronger network.

      Frage 8
      Redaktion vTfT: The Rathods are a board of directors in the Valcom.Do the both open the door to India and the big growth potential

      Vince Vallardita: Great question! Yes.. not only India but also the Pacific Rim!!

      Frage 9
      Redaktion vTfT: Next One was the first company trying to merge Valcom were there more players trying to Merge Valcom and what is the maximum level valcom coul substain?

      Vince Vallardita: There are no other mergers that Valocm is considering at this time.Our recent partnership with Luken Communications and MyFamily.TV was the only relationsship that was taken place recently.