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  • jimbollini jimbollini Dec 3, 2003 7:53 AM Flag

    Tecnical indicators vs. winning product

    I'm reading a lot abut what all the bands and charts indicate. I have a close friend who
    just couldn/t touch LSCP because of the astronomical trailing PE.

    What we who follow this company know is that
    the Greenlight product gives a growth factor
    that is nearly unmeasurable.

    What I know as a patient of the PVP procedure
    is that it has given me a quality of life
    change that is most meaningful.

    This is the seventh day since the IBD report in the New America section. At $18.60 the
    stock price would be up 50% since the 11/24
    report. This is a amazing strong run. A lot
    of this run has to be attributed to education
    as to the product and the potential company

    Looks as though Laserscope may be my ticket
    to both financial and physical health during
    the retirement years.

    I appreciate this board. jimbo

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    • It was called the Niagra. As Jimbo has explained, it lets you pee like a 20 year old.

      Best Regards

    • It is the GREENLIGHT PVP procedure.
      P Photoselective (look and shoot)
      V Vaporization (melts it into bloodstream)
      of the
      P Prostate (BPH is gone)

      Go to LASERSCOPE.COM for a thorough
      description, or search on it via the net
      and you'll find documentation by Urology
      Centers worldwide.

      It's why we own this company.

    • Hey Jimbo,

      Great to hear from you. It's folks like yourself and the many other contributors that make this one of the best boards on Yahoo. How about an update on the operation and any lasting side effects?
      This must be about 5 - 6 months since you had the procedure, how is the stream?
      Anybody else out there that would like to comment....good or bad I would love to hear from you guys.
      Thanks in advance
      Best Regards

      • 1 Reply to tiledude_2001
      • Good memory tiledude,
        I had the approx. 300 gram gland, growing into
        the bladder.
        Now I can pee like a 20-year old, strong stream, good retention, no nightly walks to the john, it's great.
        One small side effect -- very minor incontinence. I wear a pad each day with just a tiny bit of leakage, usually if I cough. My Urologist will look at my bladder and do an untra sound of my prostate in early January as he is curious about the
        new improved size and shape.

        Then the first two weeks of February I'll be in your neighborhood staying at Carlos Pointe
        in S. Ft. Myers Beach where I'll be laying in the sun, drinking 3-4 cool ones while never having to walk out into the surf,,,,well,, I might go out there to feed some goldfish to the herons.

        regards, jimbo