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  • predictor_98456 predictor_98456 May 24, 2004 2:14 PM Flag


    To be honest,I never thought that LSCP would pull back as much as it had. I am nervous but still remain bullish on tha company. The growth is there but with rates on the rise,it is a "show me" type of market. I believe that LSCP will do just that.

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    • I'm not worried either, I just picked the wrong point to jump back in. Got itchy to not get left behind in case there was an early move and I was hoping for more sideways then down but as we approach earnings we should start heading back up. Market aside, as tiledude has mentioned nothing has changed reguarding the company and I haven't heard of any threats to the company environment. Of course seeing the little red numbers never seems to fill me with the same joy as seeing the little green numbers.

    • At the moment, LSCP is sitting approximately 22% off of it's intra-day high of $34.18
      Not too unusual for a 'story stock' like LSCP...Remember that this same volatility will be working FOR us on the upside....These low volume days seem to be keeping the trend headed down....Look for a trend reversal when the volume picks back up....(Sooner rather than later, I Hope!)....In the mean time, I'd be looking to add to my holdings....I suspect that next year at this time late May '03 will be remembered fondly as having been a great buying opportunity....