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  • The more I watch this stock the more I wonder why people want to buy it.
    The dividend is low and movment is small.

    They are still havng issues with the tired BB and although the GC is doing better it's still has cost and sales issues.

    Maybe people just love the low return.

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    • They love a few things which you ommitted-for instance,earnings have increaseed at a 20.5% rate per year over the last 5 years.

      -And earnings were 59 cents a share in 1987, compared to earnings last year of 2.62 a share.

      Earnings were up every year during that period of time.

      The dividend has almost doubled in that period also.

      It has reasonably good financials, with a B+ financial rating.

      -Also it has never had a losing year since it's founding about 25 years ago or so.

      FRS also sells for less than a 14/1 PE, that's considered to be low for a stock with over a 20% growth rate.

      Earnings were down in the first quarter of this year, and the stock was weak on prospective lower earnings for the year; but the following quarter, earnings were better, and it's an even bet that earnings will be better (again) for the unpteen year in a row.

      -Looks like they are changing their menus, and they are still expanding.
      It also looks like they have very good management.

      I like the company, and it's one of my holdings.

      As to movement- I could care less. I follow earnings, and am not into price movements UNLESS the price is cheap, in which case I buy, or unless the price is expensive, in which case I sell.

      -Bought at 21.22, and FRS is a strong hold.

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