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  • elizabeth_alvarez elizabeth_alvarez Dec 27, 2009 4:37 PM Flag

    These fund mgrs get way to much money

    as they still get hundreds of millions when we were down around 49%...{F658950D-A3FC-44DF-B316-91BC5BCEBD0E}

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    • this fund has under performed it's peers not worth the load must be nuts to pay these guy I can and I do better my self

    • According to Morningstar AGTHX has a 10.8% share in cash.....this is pathetic and embarrassing. I do not pay James Drasdo exorbitant mutual fund management fees to sit on cash.
      James Drado needs to get these billion$$ in funds invested in equity stocks that have the potential to earn more than a woeful 1% return....If James Drasdo is too afraid to invest in the stock market he should pursue another career or he should be managing another mutual fund.

    • That was my post from the start (used my wife's by accident) I had this fund 14 yrs took what gains I made and sold 1/22/10.....I will do better with 4 stocks and not the fees that fund mgrs charge in fact 1 will beat their averages at least 2 to 1 (actually alot better).I did this to see where my money would have been in 10 to 15 yrs.I have been trading all that time including the crash of 2000-2001 and 2008 + if you give me what you have with them for 10yrs I will give you 3x their returns..with 3% load and just 2% bounus at the end of every year not 50% of your gains like they do!

    • I agree.... However how about other people in our society that make money when things are down. My doctor makes more money when I am sick. My Pharmacy makes more money when they sell drugs that "treat" illness rather than cure it. My employer chooses my insurance company, tells me how much to pay, and where I can get treatment. In the end my insurance company makes more money when I make no health related claims. This is the legacy of health care for profit and is the great system that defenders say is the best in the world. But on the other hand this sounds just like the business culture of wall street money managers, does'nt it?

    • Over 1 billion in fees and investors get almost nothing in dividends. I am dumping all my shares. The greed of this funds management is disgusting.

    • I have completley regained all the losses I had incured earlier, and now I'm back in the black.

      Sure, if I had pulled out a bit early and waited in cash I could have made a bundle, but thiking back I think I might have been to scared to call the bottom and never really jumped back in until it was too late.

      I'd still be in cash with all my losses, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and now I'm sitting pretty once again. Besides, I think they only get like .70 somthing, if you look around, that's pretty cheap.

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      • 5.75% of your $ is swiped from you right up front. called a load then the .76% is the expense and then there is .50% for management of the for every $1000 you invested $57.50 was taken right up front and the .76 expense came out and the .50 management fee came out quickly diminishing any return you might have. check it out at morningstar

      • if you think all you pay is .70 or something in fees and expenses then you are being took to the cleaners. there expense ratio is .76 that doesnt include fees.check it out, but your broker want tell you this

      • Anyone who currently claims to have regained all their losses in this fund, or any where else in American Funds is dishonest. While the fund has regained close to 80%, it's not back where it was two years ago and may take the rest of the year to achieve this initial point. It's just a matter of waiting for the next crash, blindly

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