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  • warnbeeb warnbeeb Sep 24, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    Despite this mess....

    No insider selling. Over 60% of this company's stock is held by insiders. Sells at a fraction of sales, book value, enterprise value. I don't think the company is going out of business. I actually think the interim CEO is a pretty good guy too. I have to believe they will be able to recruit someone decent to get things going again. I still say this is mostly a European problem. GSE is a back handed industrial/commodity play....they need these retention pools etc for mining and agricultural purposes. It's too late to sell now. The price of $2 is simply a long term option play now. I may not follow that closely for a while. It's going to be several quarters before we get back above $3.

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    • there are 10 analyst covering this stock and they all see this stock target at 7-10.. That's got to mean something. I know these guys know a lot more about this stock then you guys on here acting like you know everything. Strong buy . Keep going low keep buying shares.

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    • Apparently nobody here read the company announcement of 8/2 which started this death spiral. The Company breached the covenants of it's loan agreement. The subsequent agreement raised interest rates by 2% and required the Company to raise $30M of capital or face further bank action. This is in addition to all the operating issues they face. My guess is the VC guys, who still own 50%, are the most likely angels, but they will extract a huge price from the other shareholders. I can't see buying this until you know what you'll have when the dust settles.

    • Quit making excuses where none exist. This is a company that has been around for years, why is taking it so long to find a permanent CEO? Why would over 60% of a publicly traded company be owned by insiders? Why would the stock price drop frop $8 to $2 and no comment from management? Who makes that everday last 5minutes trade that looks funny? what is going on?

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      • You make no sense-you are answering you questions pro GSE. Long term company taking appropriate amount if time choosing the right CEO or evaluating current heads. Heavily owned institutional and no sellers. Management does not make rash statements. Stock is manipulated at the end of the day. Classic blood in the streets. bUy BUY Buy

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      • My guess is they don't feel compelled to find new management. Don't be surprised if they name the interim guy permanent pretty soon. And the fact that the insiders own and control the company in spite of it's lousy stock performance suggests that they know this ship will turn around. Who knows. I just don't see insiders getting out. They don't have to buy more. They already control the company. It's been a lousy investment for me, but I still see deep value in it. I'm not happy. But I'm not resigned to everlasting doom and misery. I think GSE is a much better buy than sell in here.