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  • HRosenLDGT56A HRosenLDGT56A May 6, 2008 11:02 AM Flag


    My reading of the 4/30 Press Release may be way off but I read it like this: The May dividend will be CH$45.97. If CH$ means the Chilean Peso which Yahoo shows in currency conversion, then the dividend for the ADR should be CH45.97 x .0021 (Exchange Rate) x 15 shares per ADR = $1.45. Can anyone confirm or negate this? Thanks.

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    • I read the press release and it appears that your math is correct, however, the Bank of NY ADR website has the following posted for upcoming PVD dividends.

      and you can see they show $.97 declared May 1 with and ex-div date May 14 and record date May 16, no payable date yet determined. I wonder if the translation in the English press release may have been incorrect as the Oct07 and May08 payments will total $1.499(approximately the total you calculated) or the interpretation of the release by BNY is incorrect.

      I must also point out it is BNY that will be paying the dividend as the depositary and if the error is on their part the correction will be made eventually.

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      • Dear Fellow PVD-er: I often have trouble interpreting the numbers on this company. My original purchase was on 10/29/97 @ $16.875. I saw an artcle in Business Week explaining that the business was fee based. I also was attracted to the dividend and the fact that Bank of New York owned a good percentage. I added to it on 1/31/2007 @ $23.50 after a precipitous drop. I learned that on that date PVD was being removed from the "International Dividend Achiever Index". The Powershares International Dividend Achievers ETF had to sell the stock. However, they had to sell 759,000 shares. You can imagine their problem with such an illiquid stock. The fund mandate allowed them to sell it off over time so the drop wasn't even more drastic. The March 2008 Quarter's earnings were very perplexing. The translation from Spanish into English doesn't make it any easier to decipher. Bottom line, after holding the stock for ten years I just learned that their income isn't entirely fee based and that they do have some kind of liability if their return on assets is negative. Live and learn. Well, this whole message was probably more than you needed or wanted to know but, as you can see, I am not a day trader. I'll hold due to the longterm play on Latin demographics. Good luck and thanks for the links. H.