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  • mmshiggins mmshiggins Sep 2, 2010 5:05 PM Flag

    This stock is a stud

    ok here's the news the Form 6-K was filed, 1st Half 2010 profit compared to 1st Half 2009 up 22.4%. 30% Market Share 40% contributors share. Chilean economy doing well growth 1st half 2010 6.2% vs 3.6% 1st half 2009. Inflation tame CPI at 1.7% for 1st half of 2010. Now here's the really good news 1st half 2010 eps was 139.39 Chilean pesos vs 113.93 in the 1st half of 2009. So a simple annualized number (implying no additional growth) gets you to 278.78 eps annualized. the exchange rate to US$ is .002 so that equals .56 eps US dollars. There are 15 shares per each adr so you are looking at EPS in US dollars with no further growth rate of 8.36 eps. That gives the stock a PE of 6.36 (yahoo finance actually has this updated now) cheap right, now this thing historically trades at a PE of 8 that would imply the price on this stock should be 66.91. I love this stock, throw in the dividend yield in the 10-13% range and this stock is a stud.

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