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  • mephistofan mephistofan Nov 20, 2013 9:14 PM Flag


    The pvd corporate website is in Spanish, which I don't understand. I did see the MetLife snoopy logo, which left me with the impression that MetLife is creating the impression that pvd is just another corporate subsidiary of MetLife. If so, MetLife management is acting as if they had forgotten that there are other shareholders of pvd and it is not exclusively theirs to do with as they please. If my impression is correct, then MetLife may intend to force out the minority retail holders through minority shareholder oppression methods such as withholding dividend distributions. This will have the affect of making our shares unmarketable at a price that is reflective of the assets and income level of pvd. Then our shares can be picked up for a fraction of their worth. I am keeping an open mind, but will keep close eye on developments, and if necessary, contact a class action securities litigation law firm to follow up on enforcing our shareholder minority rights. Please provide any feedback that would shed some understanding on met life's corporate intentions.