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  • mephistofan mephistofan Dec 23, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    nothing but spammers here

    Eerie silence from pvd. No dividend. I am concerned that Metlife mgmt may be attempting to pull off a squeeze play, forcing remaining shareholders to capitulate and sell out. There may be legal issues off minority share oppression. Is there anyone out there able to shed any light as to PVD's future treatment of us minority shareholders?.

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    • You may as well sell. Metlife will screw minority shareholders.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I am somewhat confused. The PVD website, which is in Spanish, sports the Snoopy logo, which leads me to believe the they are representing to the public that PVD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metlife. Obviously this creates a false perception and is strongly evidentiary of how Metlife intends to treat us minority "invisible" shareholders. I tried to get an explanation from Metlife and was ignored. This obviously heightens the concern.
        I am a retired business attorney. Although somewhat familiar with some of the basics of securities laws and regulations, I never actually practiced in that area. My suspicion is that Metlife intends to remain silent about its intentions for dividends and ultimately force out the dispirited and disappointed remaining retail investors until Metlife effectively has complete ownership. l. Such actions could possibly result in liability for shareholder oppression. The next step would be a class action lawsuit for now I will sit and wait a little longer.
        Intend to continue monitoring situation until a clearer picture emerges. I would much appreciate the insight and input of others on this board.